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Win. Build. Send.

Welcome to South Hill Bible Church located on Spokane, Washington’s South Hill at 958 E 29th Ave, 99203. We believe that there are four things that make us unique and distinct as a church. First we are a Bible church. We stand uncompromisingly for the unchanging, inspired Word of God. Second, we are non-denominational church. We are governed by Elders from amongst the congregation who lead as the Holy Spirit directs. Third, we are an evangelical church. We are firmly-grounded in the essentials of historic Christian doctrine. Moreover, we are evangelistic and missionary in spirit, endeavoring to propagate the truth of God and practice it. Finally, we are a community church. It is our strong desire to have an active ministry in and to our community and city.

Here at South Hill Bible Church, we strive to be culturally relevant while faithful to God’s Word. We believe that you’ll find our convergent worship-style tasteful, encouraging and (most importantly) worshipful and honoring of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are available to you for prayer, counseling and other ministries rendered in Christ’s name and for His glory. Please feel free to call us any time at (509) 838-2242 if we can be of service to you! May God richly bless you in your search for a church home.

We hope that you will visit us!

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South Hill Bible Church began as the result of a meeting in the home of Rev. Dr. Henry A. Van Winkle on October 21, 1946. The church was officially organized as South Hill Christian Church, denominationally affiliated with the Disciples of Christ, on January 16, 1947.

Dr. Van Winkle pastored South Hill Christian Church in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Fosberg, until his untimely death on January 25, 1948 of a heart attack. Rev. Rex R. Dallas was called as pastor in September 1948.

Plans were announced in October 1948 to build the present sanctuary in memory of the late Dr. Van Winkle. Ground-breaking ceremonies took place on April 1, 1951 and the cornerstone was set on June 25th. The completed church was dedicated on April 27, 1952 and the educational wing was added in 1953.

Just as plans were getting underway for the building project Rev. Dallas passed away of a heart attack on January 26, 1951. The church called Rev. Ernest Obert in June 1951.

Other Disciples of Christ pastors, Rev. Ray Hartling and Rev. Frank Van Doren, served the South Hill Christian Church. But under the leadership of Rev. Clay Cooper from 1965-1975, the church began to take on a non-denominational flavor and a strong emphasis on world missions. Rev. Cooper’s successor, Rev. Thomas (Tom) W. Roop, arrived in Spokane at South Hill Christian Church in 1975 and helped the church make the transition into a non-denominational church over his 6 years of ministry until he retired as pastor in 1981.

Pastor Rich Lee served South Hill Christian Church for 6 years from 1981-1987, during which our name was changed to South Hill Bible Church. Rev. Thomas W. Roop returned as Interim pastor from 1987-1989 after Pastor Rich Lee until Pastor Sonny Westbrook arrived in the fall of 1989.

Pastor Sonny served until 2007. Pastor Ron Lowery served from the summer of 2007 to spring of 2011. In August of 2011, South Hill Bible Church welcomed Pastor John Underhill as Pastor.

South Hill Bible Church, which now supports more than 20 missionaries and outreach organizations, both foreign and domestic, is an Elder-led church. The current Elder Board seeks to continue to lead the church in its original vision to be outreach and missions-minded.

The church building has also seen various changes throughout its history.

During the late 1960s, the Fellowship Hall was added to the south end of the church complex. Work to expand and remodel the Fellowship Hall began in 2004 and was completed spring of 2005. In 1997, the “Blue House” was purchased just east of the “Brick House”. The “Brick House”, which stands just to the west of the main church building was purchased by the church leadership in 2008, and has seen several remodels since. The “West Wing” was purchased in summer of 2005 and opened in 2006 and sees regular use almost daily.

In 2001, the sanctuary, office and education wings were renovated to accommodate both the spiritual and the physical growth of the fellowship at South Hill Bible Church.

In more recent years, additional surrounding properties have been purchased and others are being pursued as the South Hill Bible Church leadership plans for the future.